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Basketball FundaMENTALs

Basketball FundaMENTALs: A Complete Mental Training Guide, helps athletes develop the mental fundamentals of basketball by focusing on the Three Cs of Peak Performance—Concentration, Confidence and Composure. By combining the expertise and wisdom of top coaches, star athletes, psychologists, and educators, Basketball FundaMENTALs is designed to meet the following objectives:

* To develop your power of concentration on the court. Learn the proper focus of attention for each phase of the game—shooting, ball handling, defense, and rebounding. You will also learn to use your power of concentration in practice to develop your physical and mental skills.

* To teach you how to relax and maintain your composure on the court. Develop habits that will help you overcome pressure, play at optimum intensity, and let your body and mind work in harmony.

* To help you to develop the essential quality of true confidence enabling you to become a clutch performer. Learn to control your mind and body when the game is on the line.

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Uncle Tom's Clinic

Uncle Tom's Clinic is a dramatic depiction of the explosive issue of abortion in America. The gripping tale captures the reader’s heart and mind. Beginning with a powerful and insightful Preface, Uncle Tom's Clinic brings the political, moral and spiritual issues of abortion out in the open. As the story unfolds, it exposes the perfidious propaganda propping up a woman’s “right to choose” and shows the reader the truth about abortion. The dialogue is genuine enough that the reader may not even perceive that the deceitful rhetoric of abortion rights is being systematically refuted.Uncle Tom’s Clinic also weaves throughout its pages, the hopes, desires, and frustrations of one infertile couple longing to adopt a child. The narrative immediately draws the reader in and doesn’t let go. The book is truly hard to put down until it reaches an intensely emotional climax. And even then, the reader is drawn back in again until the final resolution. In short, Uncle Tom’s Clinic, like the novel written more than a century ago by Harriet Beecher Stowe, is a compelling narrative requiring the reader not only to reflect on, but also to act on, the most critical moral issue of its time.

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Schaumberg Roots As a descendant of many of the early settlers of Schaumburg, Illinois, Jay produced a video documentary on the early settlement of Schaumburg entitled, Schaumberg Roots: Beginnings Through Civil War. The video was released in 2009 and is available for checkout or purchase at the Schaumburg Library.

Contents: Introduction, The Prairie Peninsula, Native Americans, The Land Ordinance of 1785, The Early Pioneers, The Lichthardts and Pfingstens Arrive, The Schutte Sisters, Dorothea Thies, Conrad Wilkening, Fred Nerge and Township Government, Lutherans, Francis Hoffman, The German Influx, Myra Colby Bradwell, The Civil War, Christian Niemeyer.
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